~ Guy ? ~ 7 / 11 / 2017

~   GUY  ~

Guy  ~  ?  ~   7 /11 / 17  ~   Although Feral Cat Foundation is for kitties, Guy was rescued in 2008 after being abandoned near by one of the feral colonies.

Claire took him in and he spent everyday in her car to get the shopping done, feed the colonies or their daily walk in the park or at the lake. This big love was a happy lucky boy.

He fell ill last week and had cancer. He was about 10 or 11. RIP Guy. Big lover.


~  Tongue  out  Tuesday



~  Yes  I  have  a  big  infectious  smile



~  I  break  for  belly  rubs  !



~ Local  branch  manager 



~  Lisa,  Guy  and  Claire 



~  Snuggling  Guy  with  Louie  and  kit  >^,,^<



~  Nya  Nya  Nya  Nya  !



~   Love  seat  lover  boy 




 ~   I  do  believe  this  is  profiling 



~  Made  in  the  shade



~  This  is  my  happy  face



























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One Response to “~ Guy ? ~ 7 / 11 / 2017”

  1. Claire H.

    Guy was my constant companion, driving, walking, he never tired of going with me. Very exuberant with his emotions, he often scared newcomers by bounding towards them with his toys, hoping to draft in a playmate…
    The sight of 100lbs of smiling pit bull rushing towards them sent more than one stranger running away!
    But there was only love in Guys heart, and every person he met was a new forever friend.and everyone who knew him loved him and has expressed their sorrow to me. I can’t say goodbye to my Guy. He’s with me still.
    I’ll digest that horrible las week when the lymphoma pounced on him so fiercely and took all his strength, till Even his last breath was gone.
    I’ll only remember the big smile, the whipping, wagging tail, and that regal posture he took when he was co-piloting with me.

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